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Kirksville Water Association
297 Michelle Drive

PO Box 670
Richmond, KY 40475

Telephone: (859) 624-1735
Emergency: (859) 200-4714 

Fax: (859) 623-8220


Kirksville Water Association
Mike Agee, Manager

Special Charges
Kirksville Water Association

Meter Installation Charges
5/8 inch X ¾ inch $1156.00
1 inch $1420.00
Larger than 1 inch AT COST

Meter Re-reading Charge $58.00
Meter Test $135.00
Reconnection Charge $58.00
Returned Check Charge $20.00
Service Call Charge $58.00
Meter Drop Charge $65.00
Deposit For Water (Residential) $73.00
Deposit For Water (Commercial) $66.00

PSC Test complaint. Any customer of the association may request a meter test by a written application to the Kentucky Public Service Commission.


Special charges are not payable with a credit/debit card on line.
Please call or visit our office for all above services.

Kirksville Water Association
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